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ArtandAgePerhaps there are two opinions on age, for some age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old, all they have to do is live long enough. Whilst for other the passing of time holds a fascination, and those who have lived a full life are a source of inspiration and knowledge. Nobel prize winner author Knut Hamsun wrote: ‘In old age we are like a batch of letters that someone has sent. We are no longer in the past, we have arrived.’

A group of artists and arts organisations in Salisbury have been working together to explore ways of working with older people and they are keen to find others in the county to collaborate with. If you are interested in working with older people please leave a comment below describing your practice so that the Art and Age group can get in contact with you. Alternatively there is an Open Space session on participatory arts practice at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre on the 15th of April which will be an ideal opportunity to discuss this opportunity to collaborate.

6 thoughts on “Art & Age

  1. It’d be good to hear from other artists who currently work with older people, or who would like to get invovled with the Art & Age project.

  2. You might also be interested in Told By An Idiot’s ‘My Perfect Mind’ that comes to the Salberg Studio 19-23 March.

    Performed by Edward Petherbridge and Paul Hunter, this comic and moving show blurs a life-changing event in Edward’s real life with moments from King Lear.

    Olivier Award winning classical actor Edward Petherbridge was rehearsing for the role of King Lear when a major stroke left him barely able to move. As he struggled to recover, he made a startling discovery: the entire role of Lear still existed word for word in his mind.

    In My Perfect Mind, Edward reflects on the remarkable coincidences that struck him between that period of his life and the story of one of Shakespeare’s most complex characters, as Paul Hunter plays everyone from his hospital consultant to Lear’s Fool.

    For more information visit

  3. There is definitely a collective and singular voice for people who have lived longer than others which can be expressed and noted through art. I work with older learners in BANES and would enjoy developing new voices in Wiltshire.

      • Hi Faye I have been teaching art in BANES from within the Community Learning sector and the NHS since 2009. For two years I was involved in the Give Us A Break project that organised respite care and activities for carers in Bath and in the last three years have worked for BANES teaching art to older learners and other groups. I am a trained art teacher and have been working at university level and in FE for a great many years primarily in Sussex! Wouldlike to work within Wiltshire as well as outside its borders. Regards Marie Hillcoat


      • Hi Marie, well I’m sure there will be some opportunities in the future that you will be able to get invovled with. For the moment I would recommend that you are signed up to our bulletin and FOLLOW this blog site – there is a box on the homepage on the right so you get updates.

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