Job: Dorset County Council Invitation to tender

Application deadline: 27th February 2013
Deadline for completion of work: 17th June 2013

Dorset County Council and arts organisations in Dorset are seeking freelance consultants who will work with the arts development service and members of Dorset Loves Arts to deliver two feasibility studies relating to the future structure of arts development in Dorset.
Arts Development in Dorset: A consultant/consultancy team is required to work with Dorset County Council (DCC), the DCC Arts Development Team (the Team), and DCC Children’s Services Arts Education team (DepARTure) and arts organisations across Dorset (DLA) to develop a ‘tailored’ course of action to effectively manage arts development across the county. The County Council is reviewing a number of options for the future structure of the arts service, including opting out of the local authority structure and establishing a social enterprise. The consultant would examine and present the various models and, working with the team, advise on the right model for the future of the service
The Little Keep Arts Hub, Dorchester: A consultant/consultancy team is required to work with Dorset County Council (DCC) the DCC Arts Development Team (the Team), DCC Property management and arts organisations which have offices in The Little Keep building in Dorchester (the Organisations) to consider options for the transfer of the Little Keep premises from the County Council’s ownership to a buildings trust owned and operated by the resident organisations and/or others
These two invitations are being issued as separate pieces of work. The appointed consultants would need to liaise with each other, however, as these two proposals are intertwined. Two consultants with different specialisms from the same consultancy team could also be appointed but it is essential that a constructive and challenging dialogue be maintained between the two pieces of work to ensure the best possible outcomes for the partners.
Further details of the invitations can be found here:

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