Training: Crowd Funding course in Marlborough

St John's MarlboroughCrowd Funding is an emerging popular online concept that you can use to raise money for any project or idea. In the last 24 months more than 400 Crowd Funding websites have established themselves around the world and hundreds of millions have been raised.

Definition: Crowd Funding is asking a crowd of people to donate or invest a defined amount of money for a specific cause or project in exchange for various rewards.

In essence, Crowd Funding is a new source of cash for start-ups and existing businesses.

This introductory Crowd Funding course covers:

  • Examples of successful Crowd Funding campaigns
  • The different types of Crowd Funding categories
  • What makes up a successful Crowd Funding campaign
  • Why do some Crowd Funding campaigns fail
  • The different types of Crowd Funding websites
  • Which Crowd Funding website is best suited to your project or idea
  • Explanation of All or Nothing vs. Keep it All income models
  • How to structure your pitch correctly
  • What online tools you need to use, especially video and social media
  • How to deal with many investors vs. a few
  • Average money raised, responsibilities and accountability

Crowd Funding is not only for small projects as some companies have raised tens of millions for their ideas. Banks are not lending to small and medium sized businesses like they used to. According to Andy Haldane (Bank of England): Crowd Funding is a potential rival to traditional banking.

On completion, all course participants will gain free access to a membership website containing resources, forums, newsletters and videos to support an on-going learning experience.

This course will run over two nights, 26 and 28 February 2013 from 19.00 – 21.00 at a cost of £45.00 Course tutor, Anthony Lovell de Souza, has helped more than 500 small to medium sized businesses gain and expand their presence online. He has also had years of national fundraising and teaching experience and currently runs his own online digital marketing agency and consultancy. For up-to-date details visit our website  – Adult Education For more information please contact Sally Bere on either  or 01672-519558.

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