Are you working in arts, health and wellbeing in Wiltshire?

Are you working in arts, health and wellbeing in Wiltshire?

As we continue to explore how the arts have the ability to make a difference to the needs of individuals and connect and build resilient communities we are building a picture of the impact that this work has across the county. The positive impact that arts can have for individuals and communities can also be labelled within arts and health, a topic we are investigating in more detail here in Wiltshire. You may have seen our recent request for information about arts projects with older people and the work of the Art & Age partnership that continues to look at how we provide quality and sustainable participatory arts activities for older people, making better use of social and creative networks and offering older people a means of expression to improve the quality of their lives.

We want to continue to paint our own picture of the impact and extent of arts and health work being delivered by you here in Wiltshire. We want to look at the wider picture and develop opportunities for artists to engage with issues around exclusion and health inequalities, we want to advocate for the role of the artist in the broader health agendas such as obesity, sexual health, or mental health. We are working towards the delivery of a major event in April 2014 which will bring together artists with service providers, which will provide a space for networking and project development and which will showcase the important work that is currently happening within the county as well as define the potential for the future.

We are interested to find out more about exciting artist led practice in the county. Are you working in the field of arts, health and wellbeing or might you be but haven’t really thought about it that way before?  We would like to gather information in preparation for an arts and health conference next year where we can celebrate what is happening, connect the creative sector to communities, network artists with service providers, explore collaboration and funding and continue to deliver high quality arts projects that have a positive impact on Wiltshire communities.

We’d like to know what you are doing, who you’re doing it with and what are you trying to achieve; are you making a difference and how do you know that you are? So please do get in touch to by September 30th.




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