Speakers confirmed for the Artist in the Archive Conference

open-book-on-top-of-pile-of-booksI am pleased, and very excited, to be able to describe some of the speakers and exhibitors that will make the artists in the archive conference an exciting mix of ideas about the future and reflections upon the past. The event will commence with presentations from Alison Hems from Bath Spa University and Lindsay Hughes from the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Bath. Alison Hems is the course director for heritage management and will talk about the contemporary invention of heritage and the creative act of generating historical knowledge. Lindsay Hughes is a visual arts creative produce and will talk about the work of the ICIA and in particular a current co-commission with the Holbourne Museum.

The event will then break into a series of parallel sessions led by artists reflecting upon the nature of their practice and their experience of working with archives. This will include sessions by playwrite Richard Conlon, visual artist Lisa Earley and folk musician Martin  Graebe. Richard will talk about his work developing original performances drawn from historical materials and contemporary oral histories. Lisa will talk about her work within The Nature of Mending project and in particular the exhibition that she is creating drawing upon the letters and other archival materials collected in Freud museum in Hampstead which contains materials relating to the kinder transports of world war two. Martin will talk about his research and use of archival materials  to re-create and perform folk songs.

During the afternoon there will be a chance to network, view a number of exhibitions and watch films created by recent projects, including the See Me film which explore the nature the modern diverse community and the personal stories of people who have emigrated to Wiltshire. The event will conclude with a presentation from The National Archive on the work that they are doing to support institutions to collect archives of living artists which capture the nature and process of contemporary arts practice. This will include some practical advice for artist on how to archive their work and how to deposit an archive. The last session of the day will be the launch of a practical tool kit to support artists and archivists to work together as well as an outline of what projects have happened across the south-west in the past few years.

To book a place on this free conference please follow this link.

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