Opportunity: Micro Commissions & Participation opportunities with Wiltshire Libraries

Creative Libraries is a new project for Wiltshire, led by the Library and Arts Services of Wiltshire Council and jointly funded by the Arts Council of England South West.

Creative Libraries aims to deliver an ambitious programme within the library network that connects communities and explores the potential for long term collaboration and new business opportunities for creatives, and to establish and animate a countywide partnership of arts organisations exploring the potential for libraries to be the creative heart of local communities.

This is being delivered in a number of ways through; networking and sharing events, five large scale commissions, ten Micro Commissions and Participation programme.

Here we bring you information about the two newest opportunities for individual artists and arts organisations interested in exploring a collaboration between arts and libraries.

The Micro Commissions and Participation programme are opportunities for artists and arts organisations to develop new creative working relationships within the Wiltshire library service and to build audiences with Wiltshire communities. We are looking for creative ideas that will make best use of the facilities, resources and inspirations of the library network and that offer innovative ways for communities to rediscover libraries and the arts through creativity.

For more information on the two commission opportunities please download the application packs with guidance below.

MicroCommissions Application Pack 2013 deadline: Monday 3 February 2014, 12 noon

Participation Programme Application Pack 2013 deadline: Friday 17 January 2014, 12 noon

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