Opportunity: arts based project essay prize

The World Association of Cultural Psychiatry is inviting submissions of a 4000 word essay about an arts-based project that contributes to a greater understanding of mental health/illness.

The winning essay will receive a £300 prize and will be considered for inclusion in a special publication produced by the Association.

The selected project or series of initiatives can be in any given cultural context. (e.g. an arts-based prevention, advocacy, research, and/or healing project). The essay must be accompanied by visual materials (such as photos and/or videos of the project) or links to visual materials (e.g. website, shared folder) and can also consist of a photo-essay. It can be a joint project (e.g. a project co-authored by a healer and an artist).

Essays and visual materials must be sent by email to the chair Jacques Arpin ( j.arpin@bluewin.ch ) and co-chair Erminia Colucci ( ecolucci@unimelb.edu.au ) by the 15th of March 2014.

Source: Arts and Health South West website

7 thoughts on “Opportunity: arts based project essay prize

    • Please I don’t want to seem mean minded but this prize is insulting. This is mining people’s talent for a pittance. No prize at all. You wouldn’t attract any interest from industry by dangling such a meagre carrot. When administrative consultatants for the NHS can claim £1000 a day or City bankers involved in the financial problems we have recently experienced still expect to pocket large sums for their labours where’s the justice. The income of this country owes as much to the arts as many industries – look at the sale of TV programmes as highlighted in the news today – yet we allow people to insult the arts like this….shame on you for giving this publicity.

      • Thanks for sharing your opinion Anthony; as this is an opportunity we have shared on behalf of the organisation you may want to get in touch with them directly with your views, alternatively we can pass these on for you.

      • Yes. I would like to ask them directly why this is such an extensive brief for so meagre a competition prize? Considering the amount of time spent,the expenditure on materials and the quantity of hard thinking they might get (if they are lucky) from applicants, what assurance will be given that opinions and concepts aren’t otherwise ‘farmed’. And I am intrigued as to why they believe creative thinking is so lowly prized? You have my email.

      • Thanks Anthony, I will pass on your comments to them along with your email so that they can respond to you directly

  1. Thank you. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say for themselves. I will keep you up to date in due course. Sorry to bring a touch of disharmony to what is an excellent site and service. I believe we have to keep a watching brief to ensure,where possible, that people in the arts don’t sell themselves short.

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