Funding: Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme

Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant Scheme – Date for next round of applications

The aim of the Community Covenant Grant Scheme is to financially support projects, at a local level, which strengthen the ties or the mutual understanding between members of the Armed Forces community and the wider community in which they live.  Projects need to deliver tangible results and meet the aims of the Community Covenant scheme.

Wiltshire Community Covenant Partnership’s deadline date for the next round of applications is Friday 18 April 2014.  All application forms need to be with Sue Jeffreys, Corporate Office, Wiltshire Council by this date.  It is also advised that you contact Sue Jeffreys, if possible, at least two weeks prior to this so that she can work with you to help strengthen the application as much as possible before it is submitted to the local panel meeting for possible endorsement.  If endorsed, it will then be submitted to the Regional MoD Community Covenant Grant panel meeting which takes place in June 2014.  Bids, which are not endorsed locally, are unlikely to be approved by the MoD Community Covenant Grant panel.  Completed application forms should be emailed to or

Please find a link below to the relevant page on the Wiltshire Council website for more information about the grant scheme.

So far funding of £609,746 has been drawn down into Wiltshire and successful projects have included support for families, advocacy for Veterans, arts projects and improved sports and community facilities etc.

Community Covenant Logo

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