Guest Blog: Trowbridge Song Project

Invitation to LaunchAs many of you will know, I, along with Sounding It Out, have been developing an inspiring new project which we hope will break new ground in community building in Wiltshire: Building Bridges, the Trowbridge Song Project.

Like in communities now all over the world, many of the people living in Trowbridge were not born in the town but have arrived here. Candy Verney and singers from Sounding It Out will be hosting conversations with people across this diverse community, asking questions about how we came to be here and why did we come? We will be harvesting and recording these important and unheard stories about people’s local, national and international journeys to Trowbridge.

Along with stories, we will be collecting songs that people remember from their past, from the communities they once belonged to. We will gather the current communities that make up Trowbridge and begin to share the collective history of those participating, weaving a web of personal, family and community history through words and song. This will take place as a series of sharing events where we listen to each others’ songs and stories as well as singing them together.

The culmination of this work will be a series of performances, a final exhibition and a documentary film which tells the story of this uplifting project and celebrates what we all share: powerful stories and soundtracks of who we are and where we come from.

Our hope is to build bridges across the generations and cultures, building friendships and understanding. Candy will be training community members to become community choir leaders and who, resourced with a new collection of Trowbridge songs generated from the project, will start their own choirs in workplaces and communities, continuing to bring people together through song.

The project will take place over the next two years. If you or anyone you know connected to Trowbridge is interested in getting involved please join us at our launch event, or contact me on

We are launching the project on Thursday 6th March, at 1pm, in the Atrium of County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JQ.

You will get a chance to hear us sing: a choir combining members of the West Wilts Community Club, a club started 50 years ago in Trowbridge by members of the Caribbean community, along with singers from Sounding It Out. There will be a press launch, information about the project, as well as an unveiling of our new website.

Please do come an join us there. It would be helpful for us if you could RSVP to We look forward to seeing you there. With good wishes, Candy

Trowbridge song

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