Opportunity: The University of West Of England (UWE) Undergraduate Internships Scheme 2014

Balloons (uwe)The University of West Of England (UWE) have announced the launch of their Undergraduate Internships Scheme 2014. Funding is offered to subsidise a limited number of paid undergraduate internship opportunities for UWE students over the summer 2014 period.

Full details are below but in short the scheme enables you to employ an undergraduate for an 8 week period over the summer for a total cost to you of £880.

Internships need to be for a period of at least 8 weeks (a total of 296 hours). Interns must receive a minimum weekly salary of £235 and UWE will pay £125 a week wage subsidy up to a total of £1,000. Host contribution will be £880 in total (£22 per day).Longer internship terms can be discussed on a case by case basis but the maximum funding UWE can provide per internship must remain at £1,000.

Internships can now be advertised for start dates between Monday 2nd June and Monday 21st July 2014. All internships must be completed before students return to university on Monday 15th September 2014.

If you would like toregister your interest in this scheme:

  1. Go to this link and either log in or register: https://infohub.uwe.ac.uk/Employers 
  2. Select the ‘notify a vacancy’ option on the left hand menu
  3. Insert your vacancy information, ensuring you include the following: 
  • ‘UWE Undergraduate Internships 2014’ in the job title
  • Select the ‘Undergraduate Internships’ criteria before submitting the internship
  • Enter correct salary information i.e. (minimum of) £235 per week 

For further information, please check UWE business pages or alternatively email UWEinternships@uwe.ac.uk0117 32 85353


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