Funding: BBC Performing Arts Fund launches New Fellowship

BBC PAF FellowshipThe BBC Performing Arts Fund has announced a new version of its Fellowship scheme which has been running for the last three years, covering dance, music and theatre. For 2014, the BBC Performing Arts Fund has created a new Performing Arts Fellowship scheme which is open to organisations in the UK from across the performing arts to find and develop new talent. The scheme will award grants of £10,000 to organisations to host a Fellow through the early stages of their performing arts careers. This includes dance, theatre, music and anything in-between. It is open to all performing arts.
Applications will be accepted from 1 May 2014 from any not-for-profit arts organisation in the UK, including theatres, dance companies, orchestras, venues and festivals. In order to be eligible, the Fellow should have a track record, have shown dedication to a career in the performing arts industry, and be ready to make the jump to the next level. The Fellow cannot have undertaken any paid work by the organisation in the past in any capacity. Anyone who has been paid any amount of money is not eligible to be a Fellow.
The Fellowship is for the calendar year 2015 (1 January to 31 December 2015). It does not have to take up the entire year. The Fellow could work intensively for just a few months around one event for example, or undertake a part-time commitment over a much longer period.

The funding can be used to cover the cost of the Fellowship for the organisation and the individual Fellow. The grant should allow the Fellow to undertake the placement without being out of pocket; for this reason the majority of the grant must be spent on per diems, accommodation and travel costs for the Fellow.

Applications can be made between 1 May 2014 and 18 August 2014 (5pm).

Full details can be found on the BBC Performing Arts Fund website.

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