Job: Consultant/Consultancy – Audience Development Plan

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery (SM&AG) wishes to appoint a consultant/consultancy to produce an Audience Development Plan that will provide data and information to inform the Business Plan for a new, purpose built Museum and Art Gallery.  The work will also make recommendations about our existing and future audiences that can be implemented throughout the next few years as we transition from the current to the new facility.

This work is part of the Arts Council Strategic Support Funded project ‘Fit for the Future’ and a vital element of our on-going relocation plans.

This work needs to focus on both our current facility and opportunities for the new facility.  Our current Museum and Art Gallery has very limited historic audience data and information available and it is anticipated that the Plan will recommend clear systems for capturing and analysing data effectively to inform all aspects of development.

The work will include, but is not limited to :

  • Researching and recommending the most appropriate methods for collecting and analysing audience information
  • Information about the current and future visitors, dwell time and what will make an excellent visitor experience
  • Benchmarking the current and future user levels and profiles against comparative sites and similar collections to enable accurate visitor forecasting and targets to be set.
  • Any opportunities to develop and expand audiences at our current facility, including options for outreach and engagement work
  • Developing a Communications, Advocacy and PR strategy – what messages need to be communicated, when, how and what channels will be most effective for doing so
  • A user and non-user consultation exercise to gauge interest, engagement, need and support for the new facility (Note this work must be carried out in-line with SBC Policy on Consultation)
  • An outline marketing strategy for the new facility and recommendations for key messages, branding and programming that will ensure visitor targets are met. This may include issues such as charging policy, naming the facility/galleries, look, feel and atmosphere to ensure that the new facility delivers against the high level objectives set as well as recommendations for marketing budget spend and prioritisation.

Salary/Budget: Up to £18,000 (Project duration 30 May – 30 September 2014)

Closing Date: NOON 22/05/2014

Contact for further information:  Nicki Western, Marketing, Events and Premises Manager, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery 07786020958

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