Job: Consultant/Consultancy – Commercialisation Plan

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery (SM&AG) wishes to appoint a consultant/consultancy to produce a Commercialisation Plan that will accurately assess the opportunities for a new, purpose built Museum and Art Gallery to generate income.  This work will contribute to the overall Business Plan for the new facility and is part of the Arts Council Strategic Support Funded project ‘Fit for the Future’ and a vital element of our on-going relocation plans.

The work will include, but is not limited to:

  • Researching and benchmarking visitor spend within museums of comparable size to support income projections for the future facility
  • Researching and benchmarking museum charging policies of comparable sized facilities
  • An understanding of the local and regional commercial landscape in order to gauge opportunities for catering, retail and other spend OR to identify potential duplication of existing services
  • Retail – museum shop, craft outlets, artist studios, opportunities for online retail
  • Product development – utilising the collections to develop specific products, understanding copyright implications, raising profile of collections within the media and publications
  • Catering – café, restaurant and bar
  • Hires – long term and short term, artist studios, partnerships with other museums, conferencing, training, business events
  • Events and activities – touring exhibitions, special themed events, links to the exhibition programme, holiday activities, projects with and for specific user groups
  • Schools and learning – education programmes for schools, colleges, universities and lifelong learning activities.
  • Sponsorship, commercial partnerships and promotions

The client team are also interested in opportunities within the current facility to generate additional income and and/or begin any of the recommendations of this work prior to a new facility opening. We anticipate that some of this work will therefore be focused on the current facility.

Salary/Budget: Up to £18,000 (Project duration 30 May – 30 September 2014)

Closing Date: NOON 22/05/2014

Contact for further information:  Helen Miah, Commissioner Leisure, Libraries and Culture, Swindon Museum and Art Gallery 07766368261

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