Young Gallery Salisbury launches new project

If you haven’t come across the Young Gallery yet then you really should stop by. The Young Gallery Salisbury can be found on the first floor of the central library in Salisbury and is a collection of three galleries showing artworks from its five collections as well as a programme of touring exhibitions throughout the year.

This year Young Gallery Salisbury strides into it’s 101st year with an arts council grant for the arts to support a new project called preSENSE, which welcomes two guest curators and two participatory artists in to work with the collections and raise awareness of them with communities of Wiltshire.

As part of the project we are investing in a new website and getting on board with social media to continue to grow our audiences. Find us on facebook and follow us on twitter. Our website is launching very soon.

The first exhibition for preSENSE is Double Take by guest curator Helen Brown and launches on 3rd May running until the 21st June. Double Take highlights one of the key collections in the Young Gallery, the collection of contemporary art from the 1960s onwards which includes work by some of Britain’s leading artists. It puts two works together exploring their similarities and differences. Come and see if you agree with us or have a go at making your own pairing from the cards provided. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity for visitors who will be able to select their own pairing and share their thoughts.

Double Take includes work by Gillian Ayres, Richard Wentworth, Susan Hiller, photographer Fay Godwin and sculptor Peter Randall-Page. It includes some of the earliest contemporary work acquired for the collection such as Howard Hodgkin’s All alone at the museum of contemporary art as well as its most recent acquisition Carbon Cleaving by Emma McNally which explores an imagined landscape of trails and trackways.

The private view for Double Take is at 2pm on Saturday 10th May, and there will be a tour and discussion by the guest curator Helen Brown from 3pm, we’d love to see you there.


DoubleTake Poster



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