Opportunity: Do you have arts activity that you can offer young people in Warminster?

The Warminster Local Youth Network (LYN) is hosting an event on 3 December 2014 at Kingdown School from 6pm to 8.30pm. The Warminster LYN is asking anyone who would like to work with young people to deliver positive activities and exciting opportunities for young people from 13 to 19 years to come and showcase their work. Links to a poster and registration form for this event are below.

Warminster LYN – Showcase event 3 December 2014

Registration Form – Warminster youth activities showcase event 3 December 2014

To find out more about this event and how you can contribute to delivering activities for young people in the Warminster area, please contact:

Sandra Samuel -Community Youth Officer -Warminster Area

Mobile: 07920765140 or email: sandra.samuel@wiltshire.gov.uk


Jacqui Abbott- Area Board Manager- Warminster Area

Mobile: 07771844344 or email: Jacqui.abbott@wiltshire.gov.uk

This is an opportunity for the Warminster community to find out what activities you might be able to offer. Young people led activities can apply to the community youth grants scheme. This funding is allocated by the community area boards to provide activities for and led by young people. More details online

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