Opportunity: An invitation to Band Leaders, Aspiring Band Leaders and Young Music Makers

Noises on the Street is a pilot project taking place in Devizes, between May and June 2015. The project will explore Street Bands and Street Music, inspired by marching bands and steel bands around the world, especially New Orleans, and mixes up jazz, funk, folk and other music.

We would love to hear from local band leaders, aspiring band leaders as well as young music makers (12-18) who play reeds, brass and/or percussion.

Noises on the Street will explore the potential of creating a new Street Band connected to Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts (DOCA) and its inspirational annual programme of street theatre and Carnival.

Band leaders are invited to join us for a Street Music master class in Devizes with internationally renowned musician and composer, Tim Hill. This is an opportunity to play together and explore how new Street Music in Wiltshire might emerge in collaboration with local young people. Date tbc based on your availability, between 9th and 15th May. This could be an week-day evening session or an afternoon session on the 9th May, depending on your availability.

DOCA is also seeking a local band leader to work alongside Tim to deliver Street Music workshops for young people, and potentially keep the band going if there is enough interest.

If you are interested to be part of Noises on the Street, please contact Jo Beal, Artistic Director, on 07880 239598.

DOCA Noises on the Street

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