Dancing Back In Time


The years leading up to the outbreak of World War One are often remembered as elegant and stylish, a period of decadence and leisure. A genteel world which was to be shattered by the outbreak of the most destructive war that man could engineer. There is a wealth of creative potential within these assumptions about the past and the recent announcement by the HLF that more funds are to be made available to support projects re-opens that opportunity for artists to take another look at the First World War.

The stories of how Wiltshire in particular was affected by the war are being gathered within a countywide community stories project, however there are very few creative projects of a similar level of ambition. The Dancing Back to 1914 project is seeking partners from across the county to support the development of a showcase that will present not only Centenary related activities but also a wider programme of heritage inspired creative projects.

Dancing Back to 1914 is a Heritage Lottery funded project which will culminate in an event on the 3rd of March 2016. The event will be a cabaret style evening with additional spaces for different projects to fill the playbill. We are looking for other projects which have a heritage angle to help to create an evening of different atforms and experiences. If you run a youth dance company, a youth theatre or youth music programme and would like to get involved in the project please get in touch with Emily Malcolm at emily.malcolm@wiltshire.gov.uk

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