Opportunity: WWI Centenary Interactive Initiative Launched

Creative England has teamed up with 14-18 NOW to co-commission an innovative interactive content project to mark the centenary of the First World War.

14-18 NOW is the official cultural programme for the First World War Centenary Commemorations, having co-commissioned other projects such as Peter Blake’s Dazzle Ferry – Mersey in Liverpool.

As part of the new programme, Creative England and 14-18 NOW have teamed up to look for digital creatives to create an interactive game, app or browser content tool that sheds modern light on WWI events. Whether it’s an app offering players an insight into life in the trenches or a rich interactive storytelling experience, we want to hear ideas that offer a thought-provoking modern view of the First World War while exploring the wider implications of the impact of war today.

Applicants could be in with a chance of getting up to £80,000 worth of funding for their project – this is for the winning company to design, create and publish their content to be launched in 2016. The developers must also collaborate with another artist in order to deliver a united creative effort; a games developer may look to a musician to score their game, a visual artist to design environments or work with a writer to creative a narrative. This is all with the view to create a rich creative experience for any user, and promote discussion about how the modern world has developed because of this specific landmark period of history.

The company which submits the application must be based in England outside of London to be eligible for the commission, plus they must collaborate with another art form in the making of the product.

Applications are now open. The deadline for applications is midnight on Friday 18th September 2015.

More information and how to apply are online


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