Resource: Digital Update from Audience Agency

The Audience AgencyKatie Moffat, head of digital at the Audience Agency has circulated another newsletter with updates on what’s happening in the world of social media as relevant to the arts and culture sector. Here are some extracts:

Facebook Business Manager – it’s essentially a tool that allows you to more easily manage and control your Facebook presence.  It won’t be relevant for all of you but this useful blog post explains what it is, why you might need it and how it works.

A little bit technical this one but any of you that have used Facebook Custom Audiences for your ad targeting or if you have a Google Ads grant, may find this of interest – it’s a piece that explains how you can target a customer list with Google ads.

Fancy learning a new tech skill in 2016?  If so this list of websites where you can learn something new for free, would be a good starting place.

Katie’s “must read” is this piece on Slate, that goes into great detail about Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm (which controls what users see when they login to Facebook and therefore has huge relevance to marketers). It’s notable that the team at Facebook is starting to think about maybe handing a tiny part of the control back to users, “Facebook is increasingly giving users the ability to fine-tune their own feeds—a level of control it had long resisted as onerous and unnecessary”.  If you are using Facebook for marketing (and of course, most organisations are), you definitely need to be clued up about how this aspect of the platform works.

In other Facebook news, they’re starting to roll out live video streaming for all users.

Source: The Digital Snapshot from the Audience Agency



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