Resource: Digital Update from Audience Agency

The Audience AgencyKatie Moffat, head of digital at the Audience Agency has circulated another newsletter with updates on what’s happening in the world of social media as relevant to the arts and culture sector. Here are some extracts from her practically useful bits & pieces section:

“Your website is one of your most important marketing assets so understanding how Google’s search engine ranking algorithm works is vital if you want to grow your audiences.  A recent analysis of 1 million Google search results provides some useful insights if you need to do a refresher on SEO (search engine optimisation).  You can find the full report here and a helpful analysis here.  In a nutshell good backlinks are still hugely important, fresh relevant content matters and site speed definitely has an impact.                                                       

Facebook has just released a really useful new feature for page owners.  Called Audience Optimization [sic] it means that you can now target your posts to specific audiences. Obviously you can do this with ads but this is a big deal for posts.  At the moment it looks like there are some difference between how it works in the US compared with UK but for a full explanation of how to switch it on, how it works (nb relates to US pages), plus ideas for using, read this post.                                                 

Sometimes you may want to share a piece of content via your social channels that wasn’t created by your organisation. This article explains all the rights and wrongs of sharing something that was created by someone else.                                                    

One of the challenges of Twitter is that it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack in relation to a particular topic.  Well now there is a new app called Nuzzel that puts Twitter lists to work and this post explains how you can use it to find interesting content from niche networks/communities.”

Source: The Digital Snapshot from the Audience Agency


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