Dancing Back to 1914- Heritage Lottery Funded project for young people

dance poster

Thursday 3rd March 2016


Wiltshire Council

County Hall Atrium

Bythesea road


BA14 8JN


The event will feature live music performances, dance and theatre performances with tea and cake served by Last Baguette Theatre Company. Be prepared for the unexpected creativity and energy of young people who will dance you back to 1914. This has been an exceptional project which has worked creatively to support the voice and influence of young people in five areas across Wiltshire. Over the last 18 months the project has seen over 100 young people take part in taster sessions and 40 young people take part in weekly dance classes exploring the First World War heritage.

This is a Heritage Lottery Funded project with additional funding from Green Square Housing as well as Bradford on Avon, Tidworth and Salisbury Areas Boards.

Participants have learnt dances from World War One, creating their own modern dance pieces using their learning from trips to museums, the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre and theatre trip to see War Horse.

The evening will involve performances from dancers from Tidworth, Salisbury and Bradford on Avon in our final celebration of this project. They will be expertly coordinated by the talented Last Baguette Theatre Company and young people from the Youth Theatre at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham.

 The evening will also feature:

“In A Child’s War” exhibition

Children love to collect things and during the First World War that natural instinct was put to good. In A Child’s War discover how children gathering conkers, acorns and eggs supported the war effort. This exhibition is the third of five in the Wiltshire At War: Community Stories project which charts the impact of the First World War on the county. Each exhibition is based on community stories gathered by museums, local history groups and from the archives at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre in Chippenham. A Child’s War looks at how children were affected by the Great War – the impact on their schooling and their contributions to the war effort – with the starting place for many of the stories being school log books kept in the archives at Chippenham. Find out more at


100 Stories was led by Create Studios Swindon, which creates media projects to draw communities together and support young people to gain media skills and grow their aspirations. The aim of this HLF supported project was to connect young people with those of 100 years before; to bridge the generations and unearth an understanding that, although the times might have been very different, suffering, learning to overcome adversity, and extending generosity have long been part of the human experience. Initially inspired by the story of Swindon’s Mary Slade and her mobilisation of communities to help Prisoners of War, we studied local history, spoke to local historians, interviewed people on the street. We delved deep into the Swindon war archives to try and find as many stories or moments that encompassed what life had been like during those times. From this process of exploring one story, we discovered 100 stories that still resonate today. These stories became the genesis for the unique pieces of photographic and film work created by the young people of Swindon, and can be explored within a website and shared via a touring exhibition. Our thanks to lead artists Gurch Singh and Sherylee Houssein who mentored the young people, and our partners and funders who made this incredible journey of discovery possible. Find out more at www.100storiesww1.com  

Heritage Lottery Fund

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