Who’s Asking? Socially Engaged Arts

Who’s Asking? has been an alternative arts project with young people in Trowbridge, artists Davis & Jones and Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership (WYAP). During the cold nights leading up to Christmas 2013, young people out and about on the streets were asked to share their stories over hot chocolate and cake. Fragments of these conversations were written on the clothes worn by the artists. Trowbridge Youth Advisory Group worked with the artists to create The Random Story Generator, a public artwork displayed in Trowbridge.

Who’s Asking? themes –Who’s Asking? themes – In this document, Davis & Jones explore the themes arising from the conversations with young people.

http://randomstorygenerator.co.uk/about.html– Working with designer Jono Lewarne of City Edition Studio the idea for the Random Story Generator was devised. Recorded fragments were anonymised and grouped into Who, What, Where and Why. Finally these fragments are reassembled into 347,130 possible new stories, presenting a quirky and illuminating tale of being young in this town.

This artwork will be projected in public spaces around the town to present the voice of many young people in Trowbridge.

You’ll never see the same story twice!

Footnote: Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership, aka WYAP, facilitated youth arts opportunities from approximately 2000 to 2017


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