Resource: Cultural Commissioning Programme update

Cultural Commissioning ProgrammeThe Cultural Commissioning Programme is set up to help arts and cultural organisations engage in public sector commissioning and to work with public service commissioners to develop awareness of the potential for arts and culture to deliver their outcomes.

Making Connections included a series of regional events to bring together commissioners, arts and cultural providers, and others interested in increasing levels of cultural commissioning; showcasing the use of arts and cultural interventions in a range of service settings. The Cultural Commissioning Programme has collated resources from previous Making Connections events to give access to information and discussions shared on the day. These can be accessed online.

The Cultural Commissioning Programme has updated its online resources for arts and cultural organisations and public service commissioners to help with:

  • Understanding the opportunities to commission arts and cultural providers to deliver outcomes.
  • Getting to grips with practicalities, including:
    • partnering with others
    • finding who to talk to locally
    • finding local tenders
    • measuring impact
  • Sourcing evidence to show the value of arts and cultural provision
  • Understanding the national policy context
  • Inspiring projects and case studies

More details online.

Cultural Commissioning Programme has also announced that it will be running a second phase from July 2016 to Dec 2017.  This will focus on:

  • Maintaining and developing influence nationally to encourage policy development and support for cultural commissioning
  • Securing recognition of practical work and achievements on the ground by national bodies
  • Enabling those involved in cultural commissioning on the ground to draw on this national recognition to support and further strengthen their work.

You can sign up to receive information from the Cultural Commissioning Programme here.

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