Resource: The DCMS Culture White Paper

The DCMS Culture White Paper, the first one in 50 years, has now been published and sets out the government’s vision, strategy and proposals for the cultural sectors (the arts, museums and galleries, libraries, archives and heritage).

The White Paper is divided into four key sections, entitled:

  • Everyone should enjoy the opportunities culture offers, no matter where they start in life
  • The riches of our culture should benefit communities across the country
  • The power of culture can increase our international standing
  • Cultural investment, resilience and reform.

In it, the Government has revealed plans to improve access to culture for the disadvantaged, to help arts organisations develop new income streams and to encourage local authorities to put culture at the heart of their plans. Every publicly funded cultural organisation will be required to work to increase opportunities for the most disadvantaged to access culture, and to report on their progress in this area.

Some of the specifics mentioned are:

  • that the Government has also committed to working with Arts Council England (ACE) to understand the barriers that prevent people from poorer families becoming professionals in the arts, and to develop a strategy for tackling the lack of diversity in arts leadership.
  • that greater local and national partnerships are necessary to develop the role of culture in place-making and helping communities develop a ‘cultural vision’. A new Great Place scheme will be piloted in twelve areas of which at least four will be rural areas, particularly where there are strong local partnerships and commitment to embed culture in the local authority’s plans and policies.
  • that a crowdfunding pilot scheme will be established and delivered jointly with ACE and the Heritage Lottery Fund to provide match-funding for cultural organisations which raise funding by this means.

For more details, the Culture White Paper is available online or you can download from the link below.

DCMS – The Culture White Paper – March 2016

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