Guest blog: Peter Riley talks about the refurbishment of the Young Gallery Salisbury

Good news! is in short supply these days its seems, with cut backs and failures of service.

But not for the Young Gallery Salisbury! After years of canvassing and grant applications we are pleased to announce that two of the three galleries are completing refurbishment to ‘Museum standard’.

This is fantastic news! Special thanks go to Wiltshire Council, Salisbury City Council, Arts Council England and the Young and Creasey Trusts who have made this work possible.

So what difference will it make? With climate control and secure display facilities we will be able to extend the range of work we can safely display. It has long been my ambition to realise the true potential of this visual arts venue and I think Edwin Young and John Creasey would be pleased to think we will be able to show a Rembrandt AND Auerbach together.

images of refurbishment work

We aim to play our part and support Arts Council England’s aim: Great art and culture for everyone

What pleasures await………well one pleasure will be a Paper Open from 4 to 25 June 2016.

Submission date: Monday 23 May 2016 and open to all involved in the creative arts. Details will be found on our website at

The backbones of our permanent collections as you will know are works on paper and I am hopeful that this OPEN will facilitate a ground breaking range of work that deals with the material as structure and vehicle. Think of papier-mâché and a watercolour. So ‘bring it on!’ and let’s see what you creative people can produce. We hope to accommodate all types of work.

Complimenting this OPEN will be a complimentary exhibition of work by artists who work with paper drawn from the permanent collection and contemporary practitioners.

Lots more to say, but that will have to wait….. except to say Sophie Ryder’s work is opening on 7 May 2016. Hope to see you at the Young Gallery.

Peter Riley, Curator.

Young Gallery logo

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