Survey: Flexible office spaces for charities in Wiltshire

Charity Hub: A new office space initiative.

Exclusively for the VCSE sector in Wiltshire.

  • Do you work for a charity, non-profit or other voluntary organisation in Wiltshire?
  • Are you currently renting or leasing office premises to carry out your work?
  • Are you considering moving offices, closing your office or downsizing to save on running costs?
  • Do you have a high percentage of empty desks on a regular basis? (e.g. part-time workers)
Proposed Charity Hub Initiative:
Affordable and flexible office space in Trowbridge – including hot desks and office units. With the latest technology and inclusive of service, utility and maintenance costs. This is an exclusive proposal for the VCSE sector and offers significant cost savings compared with other rental options.
Wiltshire VCSE Office Space Consultation:

The owner of the building is committed to creating a solution which truly benefits the sector and is especially interested in hearing your views. You can help by completing the survey and feeding back on the new initiative including the proposed pricing.
A summary of the survey results will be shared with the owner of the building, but we will not share the information with anyone else. We do not ask for any identifying information in this survey.

For more information about this survey please contact:



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