Training: Hothouse, Crafts Council

Crafts CouncilHothouse is the Crafts Council’s intensive programme of creative and business development for ambitious and talented emerging makers who have set up their creative practice or craft business in the last three years.

Developed with leading UK craft and design organisations, including Craft Scotland, Hothouse provides you with the tools to grow a sustainable and successful creative business when you need them most, at the start of your career.

Whether your practice is gallery or retail focused, from making one-off pieces to batch production to conceptual installations, Hothouse offers you the skills to flourish and includes;

  • A series of monthly creative business development training days from February to July 2017.
  • Six sessions of 1:1 professional mentoring with a specialist from the sector.
  • Access to a network of industry experts, speakers and trainers.
  • A peer group of ambitious and talented emerging makers.
  • Access to a UK network of professional craft organisations.

Who is eligible?

Any maker who has set up their creative practice or craft business in the last three years is eligible to apply.

Makers can be from any educational background or training (both formal and informal) and there is no age limit.

We are looking for?

We are looking for makers based in the UK with supported places for makers in all English regions and six places for makers based in Scotland – which are funded by Craft Scotland.

We are looking for talented and ambitious emerging makers who demonstrate commitment to making a success of their business or practice.

We are seeking applicants who are open and enthusiastic people, willing to share their experiences and commit to supporting their fellow Hothouse participants.

What is the cost?

The value of the programme is £5,000. We have funded places for all selected applicants resident in England, and Craft Scotland will be funding six makers from Scotland.

The cost to all individuals who accept a place is £180 and there is a non-refundable application administration fee of £30.00.

For the first time in 2017 we are welcoming self-funding applicants living and working elsewhere.

How to Apply

To find out more information on the programme and to apply please create an account for our website and log in via the Crafts Council website dashboard.

Deadline for applications: 5 September 2016

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