Resource: New website for disabled creative from Decibel

A website providing advice and best practice for using technology to aid creativity has been launched for the disability arts sector.

A new online resource providing support for disabled creatives looking to use arts-based technologies has been launched by Decibels, the Deaf and disabled charity.

Based on research, supported through Grants for the Arts, the website aims to provide disability arts organisations and their associated networks with information to help them choose the right products to “enhance their creativity”.

The project is built on a series of Twitter Q&As, self-submitted case studies, user reviews of specific technologies and academic and research papers.

Contributors were asked to provide details about the challenges and benefits associated with the technology they commonly use in their work, such as motion-tracking applications, computer-aided design programmes and ‘mobile-learning’ software.

In addition, the website provides information about other useful applications and projects published elsewhere online.

The project is seeking technology reviews and academic research through its website.

Source: AHSW


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