Resource: Models of practice in arts and commissioning

From arts on prescription to recovery colleges, there are a range of ways for arts organisations to engage with public service commissioning. Jessica Harris explains to ArtsProfessional exactly how each model works.

Jessica Harris (Programme Manager for the Cultural Commissioning Programme) has written a comprehensive article for ArtsProfessional Magazine about the models of practice in arts and commissioning.

She explains various models in detail including:

  • Consortia working
  • Sub-contracting model
  • Single provider model
  • Personal budgets or micro-commissioning
  • Arts and culture on prescription
  • Recovery colleges
  • National frameworks

Read the full article here.

The Cultural Commissioning Programme is a three-year Arts Council England funded programme which supports the arts and cultural sector to engage with public service commissioning, and also works with commissioners to raise their awareness and understanding of how the arts and cultural sector can help deliver their outcomes. It is delivered by a partnership of National Council for Voluntary Organisations (lead partner), NPC and NEF.

Find out more about the Cultural Commissioning Programme by visiting their website

Source: AHSW


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