Opportunity: Invite to CREATE!

Invite to CREATE!

Within Corsham School is the unique resource of The Making Room, a designated workshop for learning through making.

The sterling work done by Colette O’Sullivan, from Corsham Town Council, in the creation of the Town Council’s Creative Corsham Strategy, has not only flagged up our rich creative community, but also a  desire for some type of  artistic hub. In response to this, the School would like to offer the opportunity to use The Making Room space, after hours.

We would aim to share techniques and produce individual or shared work, which could be displayed both physically and digitally, to raise awareness of the wealth of local talent.

Practically, the sessions would be fairly informal, and rely on participants to help run them, although the School would be happy to kick start the project with one of their art teachers running the first workshops.

Fee – We would ask all, except the art leader, to contribute £7/£5, which would cover rental of the space for two hours (6.30-8.30 pm on Wednesday evenings) plus basic materials.

If you are interested in being part of this experiment in creative sharing, please RSVP mbartlett@corsham.wilts.sch.uk


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