Training: Inclusive practitioner training course (music), Bristol

A six day intensive course led by experienced music leader Phil Mullen and designed to give music practitioners:

  • A thorough understanding of inclusive music practice – Understanding the reasons behind the work and why it is especially suited to those working in community music or non-formal music education contexts.
  • To provide music leaders with practical ways of developing and deepening engagement.
  • To further musicians understanding of reflective practice and why it is an important tool in inclusion and to enable them to deepen their commitment to this way of working.
  • To focus on issues of progression in a broad sense and encourage musicians to see beyond the session to the musical pathways of their participants.
  • To develop strategies to manage behaviour effectively within groups.
  • To provide an understanding of different styles of leadership.

At the end of the six days the musicians will:

  • Have a range of different ways to engage children and young people in music activity.
  • Be able to develop sessions where every child has an equal opportunity to learn create and progress.
  • Feel more assured with reflective practice – why it is important and how to develop it both on your own and with others.
  • Understand the complexities of progression and devise ways to enable their participants to move forward in musical knowledge, musical performance and in sustaining and developing their music beyond the session.
  • Understand elements of group theory and when to use different leadership styles.

All sessions will be interactive involving the musicians in discussion, questioning, role play and other activities. In addition there will be some PowerPoint presentations from you on different aspects of inclusive practice.

Cost: £20 per session / £120 for whole course (It is recommended that participants attend all 6 sessions as they will only receive a CPD Certificate if they attend every session.)

Dates: 17 Oct 2016 | 5 Dec 2016 | 6 Feb 2017 | 10 Apr 2017 | 21 May 2017 | 26 June 2017 9am-5pm

To book please contact the Colston Hall box office on 0844 887 1500

Source: Youth Music network


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