Training: What Can I Do With My Music Trolley?!

What Can I Do With My Music Trolley?!

November 17th 2016, 2-5pm in Salisbury.

Do you even know what’s lurking at the bottom of your music trolley?

Every instrument in the music trolley is a real instrument with a correct playing technique, traditional rhythms and genres of music that rely on its sound.

In this inventive, humorous and interactive session (featuring a real, wild music trolley) delegates will learn music and rhythms from Africa, South America and the Middle East which can all sound great on instruments found at the very bottom of a long-neglected music trolley.

Full workshop notes are provided which include detailed instrument techniques and notation of all the material used in the workshop.

In this session you will:

  • Learn the correct playing technique and traditional rhythms for a wide variety of ‘music trolley’ instruments ‘
  • Create ensembles using ‘music trolley’ instruments and develop your knowledge of how instruments are grouped in particular world music genres
  • Understand techniques for specific instruments and managing whole class percussion ensembles
  • Receive advice on instrument maintenance, what to add to a music trolley and where to find further inspiration for ensemble music making on ‘music trolley’ instruments

Applicable to: KS1, KS2 Free to those working in Wiltshire.

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