Funding: One Stop Shop Carriers for Causes

Schools as well as other local organisations can apply for grants of up to £1,000 through Carriers for Causes grants programme. The Carriers for Causes grants programme is funded through the money raised from the 5p bag charge in One Stop stores.

The types of projects funded is very broad and could include organising a sports events; purchasing items to run a project such as specialised football/cricket /netball kit, arts and craft materials for a workshop, kitchen equipment for a healthy eating project; improvements to community buildings such as painting, refurbishing buildings such as hospices, scout or guide huts, school building, community centres; and improvements to external spaces such as schools gardens, disabled access projects and food growing projects; etc.

Schools that have recently received funding include:

  • Friends of St Pauls School in Yorkshire – Funding allowed the school to run a school trip to the cinema to celebrate World book Day. Funding also allowed the school to invite two Olympic athletes to the school to talk about mindfulness.
  • Clifton All Saints Academy – Funding provided electronic tablets for children to use across the school for a variety of activities. This will benefit children with writing, spelling and memory processing difficulties by providing access to apps that target these skills areas.

To be eligible to apply the schools. organisations and projects need to be within two miles of a One Stop Shop. Carriers for Causes is a rolling programme and schools can apply for funding at any time. Applications are shortlisted on a quarterly basis for panel decision which will take place every three months. Applicants will generally know the outcome of their application within 16 weeks of applying.

More details online.


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