Westmead – Proposal to create a Community Hub in Chippenham

Chippenham Borough Lands Charity (CBLC) has owned large parcels of land in Chippenham since 1554 when Queen Mary drew up a Royal Charter giving the lands to the people of Chippenham. Westmead playing fields and open space is a key green area close to the centre of town. Until 10 years ago it was the town’s only sports fields and it was used by a large number of different groups. However, since the Stanley Park sports centre was built on the outskirts of town it has been used much less apart from the annual folk festival once a year and a few dog walkers. Anti-social and criminal behaviour has been increasing in the area and it is felt that now is the time to look to improve the site’s offering and hence get people using it again.

CBLC already has a few things in motion for the area, including a new visitors car park on the Pewsham bypass, to facilitate disabled access to the open parkland, and recently secured funding for over 6000 trees to be planted on the open space beyond Avenue La Fleche.

The proposal is to create a Community Hub based on the model whereby all age groups are located in a single centre and can benefit from each other through sharing of knowledge and resources. The charities using the Hub also benefit from resource sharing and mentoring as well as inter-charity referrals.

There are three phases to the proposal:

  • The Hub
  • The Activity Zone
  • The Amphitheatre (performance space)

For more details please visit the Westmead Hub Website

Please come along to the Public Consultations at 32 Market Place, Chippenham. SN153HP on:

  • Monday 21st November 2016 11am-6.30pm
  • Saturday 26th November 2016 11am-3pm


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