Training: New BA (Hon) Outdoor Arts Performance and Production Degree, University of Winchester

The University of Winchester will be starting an all new BA (Hon) Outdoor Arts Performance and Production Degree in September 2017.

This new course builds upon the previous opportunities from the University of Winchester and is now an accelerated two-year degree which offers a practical training and education with accredited work experience over the two summers of the programme. This is a very important development to the course, as it will offer real practical opportunities.

The degree also caters for those interested in creative production, event and festival organisation and managing Outdoor Arts companies.   Tuition fees for this full honours degree are much lower, as it has a two-year delivery, and the University is seeking applicants who want to make new and exciting work for outdoor events and festivals across the UK and Europe.

Course director John Lee is also interested in hearing from Outdoor Arts practitioners who would like to be involved in delivery of the course.

For more details and how to apply, visit the University of Winchester website, and if you’d like to discuss applying or teaching, contact John Lee.

Source: ISAN


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