Opportunity: Creative Producer, Bristol Harbour Festival 2017

Bristol Harbour Festival is Bristol’s flagship event, attracting over 250,000 people to the city to celebrate Bristol and the heritage, arts and culture of a city recently voted one of the top 10 cities in the World.

Now at an exciting point in our growth plans, we are recruiting a Creative Producer to join our team for the 2017 festival.
The Creative Producer will help to develop a high quality, diverse, artistic and cultural programme that is based on the vision of the festival to be a “Celebration of Bristol”.
The position will build on the festival programme to be a showcase of Bristol, engaging with local communities, groups, artists and organisations ensuring at least 60% of the programme is from Bristol and the region.
As a senior member of the programming team, you will oversee the development and integration of projects, artistic content and venues, leading the way on making the programme exciting and engaging to audiences, participants and stakeholders. Your work will support and establish the artistic vision for the festival overall and strengthen the city’s image and reputation as a thriving, culturally-exciting place to live, work or visit.
Salary £10,500 inclusive of all expenses
More details online.

Deadline: Monday 30 January 2017



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