Resource: Digital Update from Audience Agency

Katie Moffat, head of digital at the Audience Agency has circulated another newsletter with updates on what’s happening in the world of social media as relevant to the arts, culture museums and heritage sector. In this newsletter Katie mentions the following:

“If you use Mailchimp as your email software provider, you may have seen the news that you can now create your Facebook adverts within Mailchimp. It looks like a very simple interface and obviously easier to do things like create custom audiences from your email data.

Instagram has rolled out live video into its Stories feature, one to experiment with for sure, particularly if you have, or would like, a younger audience.

Mailchimp again, this time with a useful post reminding us of what makes a compelling email.

This Medium piece by Adam Koszary about what he learned doing social media for Bodleian Libraries should be compulsory reading for all marketing managers. It’s not a new idea – that to do social media well, you need to show the human side of the organisation – but this piece demonstrates the specifics of how he did it.”

There are lots of other useful snippets in the newsletter and you can sign up to receive the Digital Update here.

Source: The Digital Snapshot from the Audience Agency

The Audience Agency



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