Funding: One Degree More, Wiltshire Community Foundation

Wiltshire Community Foundation offers various educational grants.

Personal Support Grants and Vocational Grants are awarded before and after the summer break and can support IT/laptops for homework and communication with school and iPads with accessible and specialist software for children with additional learning and emotional / behavioural needs, as well as activities out of school that build confidence and integration with peers.

Personal Support Grants can be offered at any age where that has been an identified need— educational or physical—that is a barrier to learning; the items or services applied for must be to address this barrier.

Vocational Grants (for age 14 upwards) can be very broad —originally set up to support the purchase of items for vocational courses and have previously funded provided grants for IT, course materials for Art & Design and equipment for Photography. In addition, transport to specialist courses not available in Wiltshire or Swindon have been supported, as well as financial support for young people on apprenticeships.

Scholarship Grants (for age 17-24) are awarded as a contribution towards living and course related costs at university. They are awarded for the duration of the course (subject to monitoring and there being no changes to family or applicant circumstances) and paid in instalments through the year.

For more information contact: Jonathan Whitehead-Whiting, tel: 01380 729284 or email:

More details here.


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