Animating the Archives – Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival receives HLF funding for a new project in partnership with Salisbury Cathedral

LOGO HLFHI_BLK High ImpactAgeas Salisbury International Arts Festival has announced it will receive a grant of £28,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for a new project in partnership with Salisbury Cathedral, entitled Animating the Archives.

As part of the Learning and Participation programme of the 2017 Festival, Animating the Archives will allow local community groups unprecedented access to a treasure-trove of some of Salisbury’s most fascinating historical artefacts. Rarely-seen manuscripts, letters and documents stored in the Cathedral will be explored by five groups, each paired with an artist and tasked with creating performances, exhibitions and online resources inspired by what they find.

  • Pupils from Sarum Academy will be composing with musicians from SoCo Music.
  • Students from Wiltshire College will be working with visual artist Henny Burnett.
  • Young Carers from across Wiltshire will create short animations with City Eye.
  • Older people living with dementia will be dancing with Rebecca Seymour and Viv Gordon.
  • Local veterans will work with Stephanie Jalland from Hoodwink Theatre.

A seminar will be held on 9 June to celebrate the creative journey of the previous 6 months, as well as explore what has been learned about the relationship between heritage and the arts.

Salisbury Cathedral’s outreach work for 2017 centres around the theme of memory, and the aim of this newly-announced project is to bring the archives of the Cathedral to life, whilst finding new and inspiring ways for the wider community to interact with them.



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