Funding: Urgent Repairs Scheme, The Theatres Trust/Wolfson Foundation

A new scheme providing grants of up to £15k for theatres in need of immediate repair and maintenance has been set up by The Theatres Trust, in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation.

Open to all theatres showcasing no less than 30 live performances a year, which also have at least a 15-year lease and can provide audited accounts, The Urgent Repairs Scheme is to accept applications in two funding rounds in 2017.

Theatres that are not statutory listed will need to demonstrate the architectural significance of their building to be eligible.

When reviewing the applications, priority will be given to theatres in urgent need and those which can demonstrate that their viability is at risk without repairs.

While the scheme is focused on building repair and maintenance, it may fund repairs to equipment, fittings and fixtures, if a major failure is presenting a “significant risk” to the theatre’s continued operation.

Projects already in receipt of funding from the Theatres Trust or the Wolfson Foundation will not be considered.

The first round of funding will close on 15 March 2017, with awards announced in July. The second will close on 16 September 2017, ahead of an announcement in January 2018.

Source: Arts Professional


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