Opportunity: Video Trowbridge and the arts – launch event, submit a video of your work and take part in a video competition

Video Trowbridge and the Arts

For many years now members of the MidWilts Video Society have been chronicling the events, people and places of Trowbridge and the surrounding area. We now feel that the time has come to make these videos more readily available to the people of the area.

To that end we have set up www.VideoTrowbridge.org  which will act as a portal to allow an organised access to these videos.

It is not just our videos, we welcome and already include, contributions from others and hope that we may build up a resource for the locality which will provide enjoyment, information and an archive of local history as it is made.

We hope the range of videos will grow as local organizations realize the website’s value, not only to record their events but also to advertise them through video trailers. We hope the website will grow to include all aspects of local life and the local environment.

One of the aims of Video Trowbridge is to let members of the community bring their activities to the rest of the local community and this is particularly true of local arts.

We would welcome videos about local artists, craftspeople and performers of all types. Visual artists including photographers might be interested in making simple slide shows of their work. Go onto the website for further information

Obviously our own particular interest is video and we want to encourage video making of all types and provide an easily accessible portal to local videos that might be on YouTube or Vimeo but are not always easily found.

To further encourage video making and as part of the development of Video Trowbridge we are running a video competition, deadline 22nd May 2017, once again details are on the website.

Details of the launch of Video Trowbridge at 7.30.on 24th April 2017 at Paxcroft Mead Community Centre are also on the website.

We hope that you are interested by this development and please contact us, via the website, if you have any questions or thoughts, or if you wish to place videos on the website.


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