Training: Wiltshire Music Connect Training and networking programme

Wiltshire Music Connect have programmed a feast of events for you, so if you or your organisation are working with children & young people in Wiltshire click here and take a look, follow the links to book your free tickets.

Click on this link for a calendar of current training opportunities: Wiltshire Music Connect – CPD list at 3rd April 2017




3 thoughts on “Training: Wiltshire Music Connect Training and networking programme

  1. I keep looking, month after month, for opportunities of training for leaders of choirs and ‘singing for pleasure’ groups that have members in the over 60 age group or those with dementia. Now that there is overwhelming evidence that singing is good for the brain I don’t understand why there isn’t support for people like myself who have started up singing sessions ( I have over sixty now on my register) but do not have professional training. I base my knowledge purely on having been a primary school teacher and I have picked things up along the way.

    A couple of months back I tried to join one of your training session entitled ‘Voice and Song workshop for Singing leaders and teachers’ which seemed an inclusive title, and I know it would have been useful as a lot of skills that a choir leader needs are the same whether the singers are children or the over sixties, but I was not allowed to do so.

    It seems to me that there is a growing need for providing singing sessions for the elderly and there should be encouragement for more people to take on this role and start groups up. Just in this area I know of two other choir leaders who had no prior experience when they started off.

    I’m all for giving children the best possible musical experience but could there not sometimes be recognition that those in their declining years also have a need for music and singing in their lives?

    • Thanks for raising this point. The workshop you mention is designed and funded for those working with children and young people. Yes, I’d agree the benefits of singing at all ages is well recorded. I will do some research to see what other opportunities and support might be available for developing singing leadership skills for community and elderly groups and come back to you directly.

  2. Hello Cheryl – it’s brilliant that you are supporting singer for older people – and that there is widespread recognition of the benefits of singing for health and wellbeing. Not least that it is fun! We understand you have been looking for opportunities to support your work further, and have been looking at our CPD offers. Our job at Wiltshire Music Connect is to contribute towards the vibrant musical environment in Wiltshire by supporting work with children and young people, schools and projects, and professionals, and emerging professionals who work with them. As a music education hub we receive public funding to carry out this work, and are required to account in detail for the funds being spent to benefit 5-18 year olds, and the number of schools we support.

    However, we can certainly recommend choir leaders and tutors who might be able to work with you and others you know, and maybe if you got together with others you would be able to raise funds to commission your own CPD tailored to benefit for you members? It might be worth getting in touch with your local Community Engagement Manager to ask for advice about funding and support.

    You might be interested to know that national singing charity Golden Oldies are looking for new leaders in Wiltshire – it might be worth getting in touch to see if this charity could help or advise?

    There are also 11 singing groups across Wiltshire supported by AS (Alzheimers Support) all run by trained singing leaders – so again this might be a good network to get connected with. Details here:

    Our CPD includes promoting reading and research. There are some useful blogs and publications aimed at people working with choirs with older members. This is an interesting blog post form a conductor working with older people which highlights some of the challenges you are probably familiar with:

    Also look out for opportunities as part of this festival in October:

    Olivia McClellan has launched a Music and Wellbeing CIC in Wiltshire, and works with older people as well as children, so please do get in touch with her – click here to get in touch with her

    I am sorry we can’t help you directly, but will certainly let you know of anything we hear of which may be of interested.

    Very best wishes,
    Ruth Jones, Development Manager (Singing Lead) Wiltshire Music Connect

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