Job: Development Manager Schools & Curriculum, Wiltshire Music Connect (p/t)

Lead change around music  in Wiltshire Schools and make a difference to 1000’s of children & young people’s lives.

Working to the Leader of Wiltshire Music Connect. This new 0.6 role will take strategic responsibility developing and embedding the music education hub’s work with Wiltshire Schools.

By building relationships and understanding with a range of senior stakeholders including school leaders, national specialists / bodies, improvement advisors, and music specialists, the role will research and develop packages of curriculum and music provision. These will include training, advice and direct input (commissioned from providers) that clearly and measurably respond to school priorities and school improvement – including those that will generate income.

As a result of this, the role will lead a sustainable increase in the numbers of Wiltshire Schools engaged with Music Education Hub’s core and extension roles and lead a step-change in how music is perceived and utilised in Wiltshire Schools and will provide opportunities and benefit to many 1000’s of children and young people over future years.

This role is suited to someone with vision, energy, considerable school based experience strategic oversight and financial acumen as well as a commitment to Music and its potential in young people’s lives.

For further details and the application process, please visit the Wiltshire Council recruitment site at here and search for “Music Hub Development Manager”.

Deadline for applications: 28 April 2017 now extended to midnight 1 May 2017

Interviews in Bradford on Avon on Tuesday 9 May 2017, morning- early afternoon,


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