Resource: Digital Update from Audience Agency

Katie Moffat, head of digital at the Audience Agency has circulated another newsletter with updates on what’s happening in the world of social media as relevant to the arts, culture museums and heritage sector. In this newsletter Katie mentions the following:

“Facebook has announced Frame Studio which anyone can use. Create and upload your own static designs which will appear in Facebook camera to your friends or your Page’s fans.

Many of you will be familiar with Christian Payne, otherwise known as Documentally. Christian does lots of work with mobile video and if you’re making videos for your organisation using a mobile phone, here are a ton of practical tips about how to make them better.

In a similar vein, here are some tips from Twitter about how to use real-time video app Periscope more effectively.

Google Analytics is rolling out a new home page which, they say, should make it easier to use.

And if you’re a Google Analytics beginner here are some suggestions of useful reports to look at. And don’t forget we offer a webinar on the topic.

This app – Pasted – lets you create your own photo collages montages.”

There are lots of other useful snippets in the newsletter and you can sign up to receive the Digital Update here.

Source: The Digital Snapshot from the Audience Agency

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