Funding: Creative Seed Funding and Creative Bursaries, EFDSS Artists’ Development Programme

Artists at any stage of their career are invited to apply for funding to pursue a creative project, as part of the English Folk Dance and Song Society’s Artists’ Development Programme.

Last year’s round of funding saw the creation of the innovative multimedia show that was the Theatre Ballads, a remarkable production from Horse + Bamboo Theatre which went on to tour several notable venues across the country. Seed funding was also provided to musicians Kirsty Merryn, Germa Adan and Kitty MacFarlane to create new work based on a variety of chosen themes.

Seed Funding

The EFDSS Creative Seed Funding is an award of £750 to be given to three artists/groups of artists who wish to explore new creative ideas in the genre of English folk music.

The award is aimed at artists in the early stages of their professional career and for whom this support will to enable them to undertake a creative exploration that will help foster their career develop as a professional folk musician working in the English folk idiom.

Creative Bursaries

The Creative Bursary scheme is open to established artists who are interested in exploring the potential of the English folk arts from a cross-genre, cross-arts, or cross-culture creative view point with the ability to create a touring show.

For more information and guidelines, please visit the EFDSS website.

Deadlines: 23 June 2017 (Seed Funding) / 26 June 2017 (Bursaries)



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