Networking: ISAN On the Road 2017 – The Strong and Stable Tour

ISAN On the Road 2017: The Strong and Stable Tour (The coffee will be strong and the pastries will be stable)

What is ‘On the Road’? Put it like this… generally, we find that the Outdoor Arts community loves a good get-together – and that’s what ISAN (Independent Street Arts Network) does pretty well. ‘On the Road’ is a series of friendly, informal and incredibly useful events; you’ll meet new people, make great connections and have the chance to exchange news and views.

Each event is free to attend, and includes a chance to discover more about the host festival and hear news and opportunities (and perhaps a bit of gossip) from ISAN; there’s an ‘Open Space’ style discussion, excellent goody bags and some nice food too. We begin with short introductions, so you can expand your contact list and put a few names to faces and share information, news and ideas with fellow producers, programmers and artists.

Absolutely anyone with an interest in Outdoor Arts is welcome to come along and we welcome festival volunteers, local artists and practitioners and anyone they who might benefit from discovering more about the sector.

The timing is designed around the festival programme, so that artists who are performing that day can come along, but we know it can be a busy time, so please feel free to rock up in costume, do your warm up and drop in and out at any point – even if it’s just to say a quick hello and grab a croissant.

ISAN On the Road: DEVIZES bank holiday brunch

  • Mon 28 Aug 2017 – 11:30am -13:00pm
  • In association with Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts
  • Open Space: keeping it free

Book your place online.


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