Funding: iAMDigital

Creative England and Nominet Trust have launched a £1 million investment fund to support companies and projects that are using technology to increase digital engagement and skills.

The UK is heading towards a digital crisis; a shortage of workers with the correct digital skills could cost our economy £63 billion a year.  We want to address this and our new iAMDigital fund aims to improve the life chances of young people, in particular 16-24 year olds, by investing in scalable businesses and projects that increase digital engagement.

How much is available?

  • We are offering interest-free loans or equity investments ranging from £50,000 to £200,000.
  • These investments will be matched 50% by the applicant company; for example, an investment request of £50,000 must be matched by £50,000 additional private funding.

Who can apply? your company should:

  • have a social mission
  • create digital content or have a creative angle to your offering
  • Be an SME (start up, early stage or established)
  • have your major operations and beneficiaries in England, outside of Greater London.

The second round of funding is now open.

Deadline: 18 August 2017

More details online.


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