Fabric of Life blog 6 – Summer is over

As the school summer break is over, everyone is back from their holidays and everyone is back at work the Fabric of Life is now ready to focus on its celebration event in November. November feels like it should be a long way off but we have just ten weeks until all of our groups come together in an event, with an audience to celebrate what they have learnt and created through our project.

I am very excited and a little scared about the event. As yet we don’t know exactly what the event will be. We know we have dance, performance and installation work we just don’t know how they are all going to work together and how our audience will be able to enjoy all aspects. So we have a lot of work to do to make sure everything comes together and our audience has a great time as well as learns something from what we present.

I have visited each of the groups now and am very excited about what they are creating. We have everything from neon signs to the trial of Oscar Wild and dancers exploring the changing role of women to t-shirt printing. Whatever our final celebration event looks like I can guarantee that it is going to be informative and entertaining!

Watch this space.

Emily Malcolm
Project Coordinator Fabric of Life


3 thoughts on “Fabric of Life blog 6 – Summer is over

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