Training: Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy one day courses

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy’s Essentials one day training courses offer new ways to learn, develop and share good practice in Fundraising and Income Generation. These courses run from September 2017 – March 2018 across England and will enhance your fundraising practice, encourage entrepreneurship and help you deliver more creative, resilient fundraising to achieve your goals. We will be holding several courses in Bristol and the South West.

Essential One-day training:

  • Individual Giving and Relationship Fundraising – Tuesday 3rd October 2017, Bristol Watershed
  • The Art of Fundraising – Wednesday 8 November 2017, Exeter Phoenix
  • The Art of Writing Strong Applications for Funding – Tuesday 28 November 2017, Bristol Watershed
  • Corporate Fundraising Masterclass: Best Practice in a Changing Landscape – Thursday 25 January 2018, Bristol Watershed
  • Using Digital Tools for Creative Fundraising – Wednesday 28 February 2018, Exeter Phoenix

Fundraising Leadership (senior-level) Course:

  • Developing an Organisation-Wide Approach to Fundraising – Wednesday 21 March 2018, Bristol Watershed
All courses are competitively priced between £105 and £130+VAT with discounts for sector partners, individuals and small organisations. Please book through our website at
If you would like further information about any of our courses, please do get in touch with Maria Thomas at

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