Opportunity: Artist Opportunity, The Creative Resilience Programme, Creativity Works

The Creative Resilience Programme is part of a new enterprise initiative Creativity Works will be delivering to a variety of users, participants and clients.

We aim to create an engaging, fun and above all creative programme of workshops and courses exploring personal and organisational resilience, aimed at:

* Adults with mental health challenges
* Artists
* Statutory Organisations
* Businesses

We are looking for three artists to help us devise this programme over the summer and be the first facilitators of the programme.

We are looking for artists who have experience of, or who are confident in:

* Devising and creating programmes of learning/training
* Being able to respond to a stimulus and devise creative responses
* An interest in Resilience
* Experience of using creative techniques for personal development, wellbeing, and team building
* Experience of working with one or more of our target groups

The freelance contract will consist of:

* 2 days research and development: initiating the material to be used in the programme alongside CW staff and Resilience experts
* 2 days facilitator training: devising and preparing the programme offer
* Fee: £150 per day

We anticipate there will then be the opportunity to deliver the programme, however this is dependent on sales. If you are interested in this opportunity please send a relevant CV and a cover letter of no more than 2 sides explaining your interest and why you would be suitable for this post. Please do be clear about what art forms you specialise in. Send to oliver@creativityworks.org.uk by 12pm on Monday 20th August 2018 [Deadline extended]

We anticipate having face-to-face or telephone interviews at the end of that week.

R&D Days: Tue 28th and Wed 29th August 2018 (Date, time and venue TBC)


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